This website contains the geneaolgies of the European royal families, plus Brazil. The family trees of these families can be chosen from the list below. From the family trees, links will lead to a “personal” site of each member of the family which contains more biographic information and pictures of which person where I could provide them. I tried to show all descendents in the male line of a family at least since the beginning of the ninteenth century, but some families go back much further. The descendants of female members of a family are mentioned on that person’s site. I also tried to show all morganatic or illegitimate issue where I could find enough information.

I tried to give all christian names in the original language. Names from countries with a different alphabet (such as Russian and Greek) are translated into the Latin alphabet. I translated royal titles into English but gave noble titles in the original language as there are several titles without proper English equivalent.

My main sources include Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels, Almanach de Gotha, Europäische Stammtafeln, Burke’s peerage, Queen Victoria’s descendants by M. Eilers, Bernadotteättlingar by T. Rosvall, and Paul Theroffs Online Gotha.

With all data I tried to be as correct as possible but I am sure I made mistakes. I am thankful for any correction or update on this website. Please send your comments to


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