Léopold III of the Belgians

Léopold III Philippe Charles Albert Meinrad Hubertus Marie Miguel, King of the Belgians.

He was styled Duc de Brabant in 1909 and succeeded to the Belgian throne in 1934. He went into exile in 1946 and was forced to abdicate in 1951 due to his behavior during the Nazi occupation of his country .

Son of Albert I King of the Belgians (1875-1934) and Elisabeth Duchess in Bavaria (1876-1965)

Born: Brussels 3. Nov 1901


  1. (civ.) Stockholm 4. Nov and (rel.) 10. Nov 1926 Astrid Princess of Sweden (1905-1935), daughter of Karl Prince of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland and Ingeborg Princess of Danmark

  2. Laeken Palace (rel.) 11. Sep and (civ.) 6. Dec 1941 Lilian Baels (1916-2002), daughter of Henri Baels and Anne Marie de Visscher

Issue of first marriage:

Issue of second marriage [not in line of succession to the Belgian throne]:

Died: Woluwe-Saint Lamert 25. Sep 1983

Buried: Église Notre-Dame de Laeken, Brussels

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