Charles, Prince of Wales

Born Prince Charles Philip Arthur George of Edinburgh, styled Duke of Cornwall in 1952 and Prince of Wales in 1958

Son of Queen Elizabeth II. of the United Kingdom (1926) and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, formerly Prince of Greece and Denmark (1921)

Born: Buckingham Palace, London 14. Nov 1948

Christened: Music Room, Buckingham Palace 15. Dec 1948



  1. St. Paul’s Cathedral, London 29. Jul 1981 (div. 1996) Lady Diana Spencer (1961-1997), daughter of John Spencer, 8th Earl of Spencer (1924-1992) by his first wife Hon. Frances Roche (1936-2004), herself a daughter of Edmund Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy

  2. Windsor Guildhall 9. Apr 2005 Camilla Shand (1947), daughter of Bruce Shand (1917-2006) and Hon. Rosalind Cubitt, daughter of Roland Cubitt, 3rd Baron Ashcombe (1899-1962). She married firstly in 1973 (div. 1995) Andrew Parker Bowles (1939)

Issue of first marriage:

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