Charlotte of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

Charlotte Christine Sophie Princess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, took the name “Natalya Petrovna” upon her marriage

Daughter of Ludwig Rudolf Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1671-1735) and Christine Luise Prinzessin von Oettingen (1671-1747)

Born: Wolfenbüttel, Brunswick 28. Aug 1694

Married: Torgau 14. Oct 1711 Aleksey Petrovich Tsarevich of Russia (1690-1718, tortured to death), son of Pyotr I Tsar (later Emperor) of All Russia (1672-1725) by his first wife Yevdokiya Fyodorovna Lopukhina (1672-1731)


Died: Saint Petersburg 22. Oct 1715 from childbed fever

Buried: St Peter and St Paul Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

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