Friedrich Karl of Hesse

Friedrich Karl Ludwig Konstantin, Landgrave of Hesse

Became head of the Electoral House of Hesse in 1925 when his elder brother renounced his rights.

Was elected King of Finland by the Parliament of Finland on 9. Oct 1918, however he renounced his rights on 14. Dec 1918 after the defeat of Germany in World War I.

Son of Friedrich, Landgrave of Hesse (1820-1884) and his second wife Anne, Princess of Prussia (1836-1918)

Born: Panker Castle, Holstein 1. May 1868

Married : Friedenskirche, Potsdam 25. Jan 1893 Margarethe, Princess of Prussia (1872-1954)


Died: Kassel 28. May 1940 of complications from a wound received during World War I

Buried: Kronberg Castle, Taunus



Source: Detlev Schwennicke "Europäische Stammtafeln. Neue Folgen", Vol. I/2, 1998, Vittorio Klostermann