Jean of Luxembourg

Jean Benoît Guillaume Robert Antoine Louis Marie Adolphe Marc d’Aviano, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Duke of Nassau, Prince of Bourbon-Parma; succeeded upon the death of his mother in 1964, abdicated in 2000.

Named for his godfather Pope Benedict (Benoît) XV; his grandfathers Guillaume IV of Luxembourg and Robert I of Parma; his maternal great-grandfather Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg; the Virgin Mary and Saint Marco d’Aviano.

Son of Félix, Prince of Bourbon-Parma (1893-1970) and Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (1896-1985)

Born: Berg Castle, Luxembourg 5. Jan 1921

Godfather: Pope Benedict XV

Married: Luxembourg 9. Apr 1953 Josephine-Charlotte, Princess of Belgium (1927-2005) daughter of Léopold III King of the Belgians (1901-1983) by his first wife Astrid, Princess of Sweden (1905-1935)


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