Amalie von Wendt

Amalie Sophie Marianne von Wendt, created Countess of Yarmouth (life peerage) in 1740.

Daughter of General Johann Franz von Wendt (1678-1740) and his wife Friederike Charlotte von dem Bussche (1686-1752)

Born: Hanover 1. Apr 1704

Married: 1727 (div.1739) Gottlieb Adam von Wallmoden (Hildesheim 20. May 1704- Coldingen 17. May 1752), son of Ludwig Achaz von Wallmoden and Anna Elisabeth von Helmburg

Became mistress of George II. King of Great Britain and Ireland, who is thought to be the father of her second son, although he did not acknowledge him. Her grand-mother Katharina Maria von Meissenburg had been the first mistress of George II’s father, and her grand-aunt Clara Elisabeth von Platen the mistress of his grand-father Ernst August of Brunswick-Lüneburg


Died: Hanover 19. Oct 1765 from breast cancer



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