Aleksander I of Russia

Aleksander I Pavlovich, Emperor of All the Russians, succeeded his father in 1801

Named for the Orthodox Saint Alexander Nevsky

Son of Pavel I Emperor of All the Russians (1754-1801) by his second wife Sophie (Maria Fyodorovna) Duchess of Württemberg (1759-1828)

Born: Saint Petersburg 12. Dec 1777

Baptized: Grand Church, Winter Palace 20. Dec 1777

Godparents: Empress Yekaterina II of All the Russians (paternal grandmother); Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor; Friedrich II King of Prussia


Married: Saint Petersburg 28. Sep 1793 Louise (Yelisavyeta Alekseyevna) Princess of Baden (1779-1826), daughter of Karl Ludwig, Hereditary Prince of Baden (1755-1801) by his first cousin Amalie Landgräfin of Hesse-Darmstadt (1754-1832)

Issue of marriage:

Natural issue by Sofya Sergeyevna Vsevolozhskaya:

Possible natural issue by Maria Antonovna Naryshkina:

Natural issue by Maria Ivanovna Karacharova:

Died: Taganrog, Rostov Oblast 19. Nov 1825 from typhus

Buried: St Peter and St Paul Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

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