Marfa Alekseyevna of Russia

Marfa Alekseyevna Tsarevna of Russia

Daughter of Aleksey I Mikhailovich, Tsar of All Russia (1629-1676) by his first wife Maria Ilinichna Miloslavskaya (1625-1669)

Born: Moscow 26. Aug 1652

Baptism: Chudov Monastery, Moscow 4. Sep 1652

Participated in the rebellion of her sister Sofya against their half-brother, Emperor Pyotr I. He therefore forced her to live in a convent, where she took the name “Margarita”.

Died: Uspenskiy Monastery, Alexandrova 19. Jun 1707

Buried: Church of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple (Sretenye Gospodiye), Moscow

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