Maria Vladimirovna of Russia

Maria Vladimirovna, Grand Duchess of Russia

Claimant to the Headship of the Imperial House of Russia the grounds that no other eligible (male) member of the family survives. Therefore uses the title Grand Duchess, though her right to do this remains disputed, mainly because the marriage of her paternal grandparents was not approved by the tsar, and her mother is not of royal blood.

Daughter of Vladimir Kirillovich, Grand Duke of Russia (1917-1992) and his wife Leonida Georgievna, Princess Bagration-Moukhransky (1914-2010)

Born: Madrid 23. Dec 1953

Married: (civ) Dinard 4. Sep 1976 and (rel) Madrid 22. Sep 1976 (div. 1985) Franz Wilhelm, Prince of Prussia (1943), who called himself Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich of Russia during the time of his marriage




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