Nikolai I. Pavlovich of Russia

Nikolai I. Pavlovich, Emperor of Russia, succeeded his eldest brother Alexander I. in 1825

Son of Pavel I. Petrovich, Emperor of Russia (1754-1801) and his second wife Sophie, Duchess of Wurttemberg, who adopted the name Maria Feodorovna (1759-1828)

Born: Tsarskoye Selo 6. Jul 1796

Christened: Pavlovks Palace Church 29. May 1799


Married: St. Petersburg 13. Jul 1817 Charlotte, Princess of Prussia, who adopted the name Alexandra Feodorovna (1798-1860)


Issue of marriage:

Illegitimate issue by Maria Ivanovna Karatshova (1796-1824)

Illegitimate issue by Anna-Maria af Rutenskiold (1791-1856)

Illegitimate issue by Varvara Yakovleva (1803-1831)

Illegitimate issue by Varvara Nelidova (? -1897)


Died: St. Petersburg 2. Mar 1855 from pneumonia

Buried: Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, St. Petersburg



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