Pavel I of Russia

Born Pavel Petrovich Tsarevich of Russia, succeeded his mother as Emperor of All the Russians in 1796

Son of Pyotr III Fyodorovich, Emperor of All the Russians (1728-1762, murdered) and Sophia Auguste Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst (Yekatarina II Alekseyevna, Empress of All the Russians) (1729-1796)

It has been argued that Pavel, who was born nine years after his parent’s marriage might have been the son of Yekaterina’s first lover, Graf Sergey Vasiliyevich Saltykov (1726-1765).

Born: Empress Yelisavyeta’s Summer Palace, Saint Petersburg 20. Sep 1754


  1. Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg 29. Sep 1773 Wilhelmine (Natalya Alekseyevna) Landgräfin of Hesse-Darmstadt (1755-1776), daughter of Ludwig IX Landgraf of Hesse-Darmstadt (1719-1790) and Caroline Henriette Countess Palatinate of Zweibrücken (1721-1774)
  2. Saint Petersburg 7. Oct 1776 Sophie Dorothea (Maria Fyodorovna) Duchess of Württemberg (1759-1828), daughter of Friedrich Eugen Duke of Württemberg (1732-1797) and Friederike Dorothea Princess of Brandenburg-Schwedt (1736-1798)

Issue of first marriage:

Natural issue by Sofya Stepanovna Ushakova:

Issue of second marriage:

Died: Assassinated by his courtiers at St Michael’s Castle, Saint Petersburg 11. Mar 1801

Buried: St Peter and St Paul Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

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