Pyotr I of Russia

Born Pyotr Alexeyevich Tsarevich of Russia; succeeded his half-brother Fyodor III as Tsar of All Russia in 1682 (ruled jointly with his brother Ivan 1682-1796); proclaimed himself Emperor of All the Russians in 1721

Son of Aleksey Mikhailovich, Tsar of All Russia (1629-1676) by his second wife Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina (1651-1694)

Born: Moscow 30. May 1672

Baptized: Moscow 29. Jun 1672


  1. Moscow 27. Jan 1689 (div. 1698) Yevdokija Fyodorovna Lopukhina (1672-1731) [of Russian nobility], daughter of Illarion (Fyodor) Avramovich Lopukhin (1638-1713) and Ustinya Bogdanovna Rtishcheva (d. 1691)
  2. Allegedly, secretly 1707, officially St. Petersburg 19. Feb 1712 Marta Skawronska, who became Empress Yekaterina I in 1725 (1684-1727), daughter of Samue Skawronski and Dorothea Hahn

Issue of first marriage:

Issue of second marriage:

Died: Saint Petersburg 28. Jan 1725 from uremia following gangrene of the urinary bladder

Buried: Peter and Paul Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

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