Yekaterina I of Russia

Born Marta Helena Skawrońska, later russianized as Marfa Samuilovna Skavronskaya. Declared co-ruler by her husband Peter I in 1724. When he died without naming a successor, she succeeded him as Empress Yekaterina I of All the Russians.

Daughter of Samuel Skawronski, a Polish peasant and Dorothea Hahn

Born: Rengen, Estonia 5. Apr 1684

Married: Allegedly, 1707, officially St. Petersburg 19. Feb 1712 Pyotr I Tsar of All Russia (1672-1725), son of Aleksey Mikhailovich, Tsar of All Russia (1629-1676) by his second wife Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina (1651-1694)


Died: Saint Petersburg 17. May 1727 from an abscess of the lungs

Buried: St Peter and St Paul Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

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