Melusina von der Schulenburg

Petronella Melusina von der Schulenburg, created Countess of Walsingham in her own right in 1722.

Illegitimate daughter of Electoral Prince Georg Ludwig of Hanover (1660-1727), who succeded as King George I. of Great Britain and Ireland in 1714 by his mistress Melusine von der Schulenburg (1667-1743). Officially the daughter of her mother's elder sister, Margarethe Gertrud von der Schulenburg (1659-1697), who was married to her distant cousin Friedrich Achaz von der Schulenburg (1602-1661).

Born: Angern, Hanover 1. Apr 1693

Married: Isleworth, Middlesex 5. Sep 1733 Philip Stanhope, 4. Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773), son of Philip Stanhope, 3. Earl of Chesterfiled by his wife Elizabeth Savile

No issue

Died: 16. Sep 1778



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